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  • Simon Rickman

When a lump of chewing gum on a train seat led to a new career....

During the darkest days of lockdown, Annie and Vicky (not real names) met on a train. As Vicky was about to sit down, she noticed a newspaper on the seat. “Is that yours?” she enquired. “No”, said Annie. “I used it to cover-up a lump of chewing gum.”

This resulted in a pleasant chat, during which they found they had a lot in common, particularly their careers. As Annie was at a loose end, Vicky suggested she should attend one of the free webinars her consultancy, B2E Consulting, was offering.

And so Annie attended one of my webinars called, ‘The 7 habits for highly effective homeworking’. Being suitably impressed with the webinar (and me), Annie booked some coaching sessions with me.

We explored a range of topics such as her current situation, career ambitions, strengths and achievements. And this helped Annie to think more positively about her next career move.

During one of the sessions, Annie mentioned that she’d applied to an International Consulting firm. Great! Someone in my network worked in the very department she applied to. I put them in touch.

Following further coaching, and the benefit of an insider’s views and opinion, Annie was offered the job, which she accepted.

That's what I call a real win-win!

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