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  • Simon Rickman

Coaching is NOT a luxury

Coaching is no longer seen as a luxury in the workplace. One of my clients said to me the other day that having a coach has been an essential part of him being successful in today's world. It has created a real sense of positive realism to move out of his comfort zone and expand what he is really passionate about. He has never been so happy.

So, let me remind you of why coaching is such a useful asset to anyone who wants to get the best out of themselves and others by sharing my 'Super 7s' of coaching.

Your coach will help you to....

1. Generate a more positive, engaging and forward-thinking attitude

2. Drive change to generate measurable outcomes and results

3. Retain your self-belief when those around you are losing their heads

4. Build a leadership culture based on positive habits

5. Give you access to tools and techniques to perform, develop and grow

6. Commit you to putting ‘first things first’

7. Share effective solutions openly

Go on, you know it makes sense!

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