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Case studies in leadership development

Creating a more dynamic leadership culture


The client ran its annual employee engagement survey to measure how its employees were feeling about the company and to spot opportunities for change. The output included criticising senior leadership of losing touch with the grassroots, a lack of formal leadership development and the desire for more professional coaching to support career development.


Time was spent with the senior leadership team to fully understand their objectives. This included working with the CEO, Sales Director, HR Director and Transition Director to understand the challenges the business was facing, and the desired outcomes of the programme.


A programme was created for 40 leaders (directors, function heads, managers) which was  implemented over 24 months. The programme consisted of four one-day workshops focusing on effective leadership habits, improving communication, building high-performing teams, and managing through change. All participants attended a confidential 1-2-1 coaching session, completed by a refresher session to share learning across the leaders.


Positive outcomes included higher engagement scores (up from 56% to 82%), a distinct behavioural shift towards  retaining customers (through higher net promoter scores), becoming an employer of choice (more investment in development), and a drop in attrition (by 10% in many departments). 

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