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How to survive and thrive the pandemic

The key to not only surviving, but thriving during this pandemic is by ensuring that staff develop high levels of resilience, can work from home effectively and make the best use of their time.

Digital Work Life

2020 saw huge changes to the way we work. Remote working plans were put into action and flexibility and adaptability became essential. 

Throughout the pandemic, experts in psychology and people management have been tracking our behaviour. So, for 2021 we’ve continued with different ways of doing things to make the virtual office as supportive as the traditional version. 

We are therefore, preparing people to emerge STRONGER, WISER AND MORE CAPABLE.

PEAK Performance & Potential offers a range of leadership workshops, which have been accredited by The CPD Standards Office. That’s helped us to win new business.

  • The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective Managers

This workshop enables managers to self-reflect, grow and develop their leadership skill set. Its principles are proven to make a positive difference and inspire managers to adopt a range of more focused, results driven habits, which have a positive impact on the culture of their people and organisation. 

  • Getting The Best Out Of Others

This workshop challenges the age-old philosophy that line managers must ‘tell’ their employees what to do, when and how. It introduces a more flexible approach to leadership that focuses on understanding an individual’s ability and motivation to complete a task and get it right first time. 

  • How To Be More Resilient

This is for anyone experiencing any form of stress while on furlough, returning to the office, or continuing to work from home. The focus is on building resilience, which is scientifically proven to make us stronger, wiser and more capable to handle challenging situations.

  • How To Find Another Job

One unfortunate outcome of this pandemic is a rise in redundancies. Those impacted may need support in navigating the job search process. We offer our 37 years of recruitment experience to help keep one step ahead of the competition to find a new role.

  • How To Work From Home Effectively

There is no doubt that this working environment is here to stay for the foreseeable future. In this webinar, you find out how to get the most out of your team and yourself, whilst working in a home-working environment. This can be transferred to an office environment.

  • How To Manage Time More Effectively

The pandemic has forced us to re-think on how we enjoy work, take back control and make better use of our time. Multiple thoughts and ideas are shared including how to plan and prioritise activities, how to overcome procrastination, delegate more confidently and use routines. 

Return On Investment


These dynamic solutions have already helped our clients move forward more positively, efficiently and effectively. Multiple messages are shared either through live webinars or virtual workshops. Every client is encouraged to have follow-up series of confidential 1-2-1 coaching sessions, which enable our clients to fully implement the models we are sharing.  

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