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Coaching for success


I am an experienced HR professional, operational leader, coach and mentor.  I have spent over 35 years helping businesses to become more profitable by leading, coaching and developing individuals and teams to deliver a high quality service.  I specialise in coaching high potential individuals and leadership teams, and turning dysfunctional functions into centres of excellence.  I have a natural warmth, passion and energy using my strong interpersonal skills.


I have extensive experience in the professional services, legal, consultancy, IT, financial, retail and telecom sectors.  My clients include corporate clients such as Accenture HR Services, Deloitte, American Express,Virgin Media and Kenexa/IBM.  My clients in the SME and not for profit world include Southern Communications, RWS, The Pensions Regulator, Optikinetics, Oxford University, Chartered Institute of Credit Management and the Association of International Credit Directors & Professionals.



As an HR practitioner, my experience includes talent identification and development, executive leadership coaching, high potential leadership coaching, career development, practical psychometrics (recruitment and development), facilitation and assessment, performance management, recruitment (experienced hires, freelance and graduates), design and delivery of assessment centres, and providing professional feedback (180 and 360).


My coaching style is based on building a trusting relationship with my clients.  This is the essence of good coaching.  I use the GROW model as a structure, and include the 'Balance Wheel' to help my clients determine what they want to discuss, over what period of time, and determine their own measures of success.  Coaching sessions normally last two hours, and tend to be less formal in nature.  In my experience, the more relaxed the client, the more open and willing to learn and grow they become.  Each session concludes with a set of actions that the client has bought into and is not forced upon them.  The result is evidenced by my clients working with me for long periods of time - it's a win-win, as I get as much out of it as my clients!

I am trained in coaching and career development and have trained others in coaching and mentoring skills.  I hold a Certificate in Occupational Testing and am trained to use psychometrics including Dimensions, Hogan and a range of BeTalent products such as  Strengths Insight, Decision Styles, Team Insights, Inspiring Leader and Culture Fit.  I have designed and delivered a range of leadership development related workshops, designed to improve and enhance individual capability and team motivation. 

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