Testimonials for coaching and workshops

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Simon brings energy, skill, and deep experience to his coaching. In style, he is an ‘activist’ coach, who applies a flexible range of techniques and tools, insightfully and expertly tailored to the coachee’s needs. He is no soft touch and can be quite challenging while engaging supportively with the specifics of a situation and. He has built a great reputation with those of my colleagues with whom he has been working, who run from the highly experienced to the relatively green. I would highly recommend him.

David Leech, HR Director, RWS
Catherine Walsh,
Divisional Finance Director, RWS

This is the first time I have had the opportunity to be coached on a one to one basis. Whilst I was initially reserved about the idea, I can now see it has been time extremely well spent. Simon has the ability to make you feel instantly at ease, whilst at the same time ascertaining the key issues and development areas he can provide assistance with. He is excellent at reframing, expanding, focussing, and developing the skills you already possess, helping improve the areas that need work, and weaving it all back into your work environment. Simon makes this whole process effortless - I have had a fantastic time, feel I have learned a lot and as a result, my team has benefited greatly.

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Simon has developed my skills as a leader immeasurably in this time through using tools and techniques which get the best out of others, something Simon lives and breathes. 


He is very people-focused and enjoys seeing people grow and develop and, in that regard, he is generous with his time in coaching individuals to higher performance.

Suzi Fox, Executive Search Lead, TMP


Where everything was new and I felt stuck into the unknown in a new workplace, my sessions with Simon seemed to have that familiar glimpse of encouragement. His gentle approach makes the constant pushing on overreaching our limits easier to handle and to observe.


While keeping an impartial view on things, he can help people dig into their own constrictions. This helps them observe and accept the parts that are somehow obstacles, and transform them into new skills and methods of dealing with things not only at work but generally in the day to day life activities.

Diana Campean,

Marketing Manager, Optikinetics

Motorsport TV.png

Simon's techniques enabled me to gain clarity and confidence in relation to understanding my attributes and then articulating them in a way I am comfortable with. I put myself out there and with Simon’s guidance I ended up giving the best interview I have for some time and ultimately getting the job.

It was very helpful to have someone so honest and objective to help guide me forwards, from where I had been previously stuck making the same mistakes! 

I’ll be sure to reach out to Simon again if I ever need help in my career or even just to chat about football sometime. I’d recommend him to anyone.

Adam Reed,

Creative TV Producer, Motorsport TV Live

The Pensions Regulator.png

Thanks so much for yesterday. We went to the pub for Mariyana’s leaving drinks and people from the business had already heard about our day! The team was buzzing.


I’ve spoken to a few of HR who all thought it was really great and that you were fab. Thanks Simon; it’s fair to say you and your version of The 7 Habits hit home, and have created a good catalyst. You’ll be on the journey with us for sure

Paula Harris, HR Director,
The Pensions Regulator

Simon is passionate, energetic, extremely knowledgeable, and great fun. 


He is always happy to help colleagues and share his wisdom and I really enjoy working with him!

Viv McSweeney, 
Head of Employee Experience, Harrods
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The '7 Habits' had a huge impact across the management team.  It gave them structure and focus, and allowed all managers to communicate on the same level.  It has become embedded in our work culture, which is a big achievement! 

I would highly recommend the PEAK Programme.  If properly embraced, it can make a huge difference to allow the business to grow and develop. 


For less experienced managers, it was something of a 'light bulb' moment; demystifying the management approaches by giving them an almost step by step guide on how to develop others and handle the inevitable hard to manage members of their teams. 


The further modules Simon delivered complemented the ‘7 Habits’, and made the whole PEAK Programme a very worthwhile investment of time and money. 

Paul Bradford, Chief Executive Officer, Southern Communications

Simon and I have worked together more than once. He is a highly experienced and highly effective HR professional and resourcing/recruitment specialist.


He brings a huge range of experience and deep expertise to bear, and can always be relied on to deliver an HR or recruitment project or to find difficult-to-find resources for his clients. 


His highly professional but easy-going style ensures that he is effective in working at all levels in an organisation.

Peter Collis,
Account Leader, Accenture

In the last 6 months, Simon has really helped me to focus on the type of professional I want to be, and how I want to behave in my working life. He’s also really helped me to identify my motivating factors and to start to really understand what I want versus what I think I should want!


Simon’s coaching has been so beneficial to me in this tumultuous time and his personal touch, keen interest in me as a person and his concern for my best interests have really taken the coaching services he provides above and beyond what I was expecting. 

Amy Wright, 
Agile Transformation Consultant,
PA Consulting
Circuit Mind Logo.png

I was lucky enough to be matched with Simon through CIPD’s mentoring scheme.

From our very first session, Simon took the time to really get to know me and what areas of his ‘7 habits’ framework to focus on. He is very easy to work with and you can tell genuinely cares about his clients and ‘goes on the journey’ with them.

By challenging my thinking and approach to various scenarios, Simon has coached me to understand what habits to use and why, in order to get the outcomes I want.

He’s been a dream to work with and I can’t recommend him highly enough.

Tori Dickson,
Head of Talent, Circuit Mind