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What changed Mr Miserable in to Mr Motivation?

Updated: Jan 29, 2019

It's all about the can do attitude

Today we meet Mr Motivation. He wasn’t always known by that name. When I first met him, he was known as Mr Miserable. So, what happened? 

During one of my confidential 1-2-1 coaching sessions, Mr Miserable told me all. “I got fed up with my line manager not having a clue about how I was feeling when she asked me to do something. She always assumed I would be up for it, as I’d performed well in other tasks. But I was really bored, and I was suffering because we were having some problems at home. I try not to bring these to work, but sometimes, it’s difficult. I wasn’t thinking straight”. 

“So what changed?” I enquired. “Well, after she went on your course, ‘How to get the best out of others’, she was a different person. She started to check in with me. So, as part of asking me to complete a task, she wanted to know if this was something I was INTERESTED in.  And if I felt CONFIDENT about it. Then she checked if I was genuinely keen and ENTHUSIASTIC, as I had done it loads of times before. Finally, she confirmed that it was one of my GOALS, so that I would be recognised for my achievements at the end of the year. As a result, she just let me get on with it, as she knew that this time, I didn't require any support from her. At other times, she's given me direction, as I needed it; and at other times, she's helped me think things through for myself.

Your course has made all the difference! 

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