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I'm glad I decided to come in from the cold!

OK, so who would want to go to an alumni event on a cold, damp winter’s evening in January?  After all, I keep in contact with most of the people I loved working with anyway. Well, over 700 fellow ex @Accenture (ites) decided to join me in a fabulous setting in the centre of London to do just that.  And what a night it was!  In typical @Accenture style, they hired a swish room, bedecked in a smart, yet not over the top, way.  The ratio of drink to food (as anticipated) was 10:1 (Maths, not being my strong point, means that it could have been nearer to 20:1)

The drinks flowed, as did the conversation.  You absolutely couldn’thear a pin drop in a room full of chatter, laughter, and #networking.  Yes, it certainly was an opportunity to hook back in to a group of professionals who once worked for one of the most amazing organisations in the world.  I actually felt privileged.  And I felt part of this wide community of similar minded folk, who also had the honour of making a small difference in a big world.  Nice.

There was something in that room that reminded me why I do what I now do. As a #coach, #mentor, #developer, I cut my teeth in this illustrious organisation.  Although my profession is #HR and #Recruitment, it was there that I found my inspiration and my voice as a #leader and #manager.  Through this, I found my courage and determination to make other people’s lives a bit better.  I wanted them to say, “Because of Simon, I didn’t give up!”  Whether it was #interviewing some really top talent, #counselling a #high potential to reach for their goals, running a #development course, or just learning off a pretty bright bunch of people, I do what I do today because I laid the foundation in this firm.  

So I’d like to thank @Accenture for last night.  And for playing a big part in giving me the confidence to set up #PEAK #Performance & #Potential.  It’s the knowledge that it was at @Accenture (where it really all started), that will enable me to go on to fulfil my own ambitions and dreams to be a #coach, #mentor, #developer of great people.  


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