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  • Simon Rickman

How Little Miss Can't-Do changed her name to Miss Ability

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

You can make your dreams come true too

Now when I first met Miss Ability, she was called Little Miss Can’t-Do. I was intrigued about her surname. “An interesting double-barrelled name!” I exclaimed. “Who were your parents?” She told me that when she was growing up, her parents never encouraged her. They never set her goals. They rarely praised her. When she got 8 out of 10 in an exam, they only ever asked her which ones she got wrong! So she had low self-esteem.

During one of my 121 coaching sessions, I listened with empathy about how Miss Can’t-Do wanted to take control of her life. Amongst the many suggestions we discussed, the one she decided to do first was to change her name to MISS ABILITY. She wanted a positive, CAN DO approach to everything she did. That’s what I specialised in. So, I encouraged her to write down all of her achievements in her life, regardless how big or small. She came up with an impressive list of all the knowledge, skills and experience she had picked up at work and in her personal life (we called these her TECHNICAL skills). Then she wrote down all the ways she was able to communicate and interact positively with others (her INTERPERSONAL skills). Next, she brainstormed all the ways she was able to build relationships and network (we called this her PEOPLE knowledge). And finally, she let me know all the different ways she was able to make things happen (her POWER TO DELIVER). 

Armed with an impressive list, she began to feel much more empowered, confident and motivated to take on anything the world had to throw at her. This was the first step on her journey to make a positive difference to her life, and to the lives of everyone who came in contact with her.

Another satisfied client on the road to success. 

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