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  • Simon Rickman

Despite the horribleness, nature still rules, OK!

2020, who'd have thought? Such hopes, such optimism, such a nice round number. And what a major far. From floods to Coronavirus in just 3 months. We are still trying to come to terms with the massive impact these 'beasts' are having on our lives.

What's most 'shocking' is that we are all so 'shocked' about what's happening. When it was happening 'over there', it was just another news item, that we could just switch off. We just didn't think it would happen to us; and if it did, then it would only impact a few of us. Well, not this time....

The feeling of helplessness and hopelessness has been overwhelming. As a coach, surely it is beholden unto people like me to find the 'fixes'. But I have been found wanting. I don't know the answer; but then, who does? We haven't been here before. We look to our 'leaders' for guidance and words of wisdom. And we take each day, one at a time. We watch; we listen; we learn.

We take small steps to gain back some kind of control. We hold back on unnecessary expenditure; we tighten our belts; we focus on the very basics like how and where to buy our food. We reassess where we have been, and whether we have been following the right path. Some of us pray; some of us reflect; some of us just throw our arms up in the air and let fate take its course.

Yes, there will always be the selfish, the greedy, and the thoughtless ones who only focus on themselves. But they seem to be in the minority. There is more goodness out there. I have seen people come together; neighbours introducing themselves to each other; looking after the elderly and less able; asking genuinely, "How are you doing?" "How can I help you?" "Just ask...." Making neighbourly groups to check in on each other, or buy food, share ideas, and learn about new technology, so that we can keep in touch....all from a social distance.

And despite it all, nature is following its natural course. The blossom is on the trees; the sun is shining, the sunflowers will soon be smiling. All to remind us that we need to slow down, take stock, think about what really matters in our lives, and above all, to be grateful for what we've got. God bless the NHS.....

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